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Do you want to make your $37.69 for 100,000 credits? With IMVUCE, you can do that. We pay out same-day to content creators!

Good news! We are now accepting any amount with a minimum line credit of 5,000 and a maximum line credit of 500,000!

*We are using PayPal MassPay to send payments to our sellers. There are charge fees to our sellers of 2% up to $50.00 max.

See the fee structure below:

$0.01 up to $2499.99= 2% fee
$2500.00 or higher = $50.00 flat rate fee

Good news: By using MassPay we are able to get rid of the pesky $0.30 fee you receive each time you get paid, plus no more other fees. Its now 2%. No more no less!

not selling

(Please visit back within 30 minutes - 1 hour, as we probably will be buying again real soon!)

Below you will find our fee structure.

(we already take the fee out in the number quoted above)

Amount to be Paid Fee Charged
$0.01 to $2499.99 2% Fee(No fee from PayPal)
$2500.00 or higher $50.00 Flat Fee(No fee from PayPal)

Payout Amount: You will be paid $37.69 USD per 100,000 credits. (2500 credits= $0.94225)

ATTENTION:Please read

We are now buying credits. For all first time customers, there will be a verification process which takes 24-48 hours of maximum waiting time. There is also possibility in such that your credits might be returned with 6% deduction. Kindly be reminded about this and make sure you are fully aware before sending your credits to us! Thank you so much!


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